Jamie Campbell is a rock guitarist and recording artist from Atlanta Ga. His sound is a mesh of many different artist. Most notable are Gary Moore, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Johnson and Eric Clapton. It is the intensity and rock edge that encapsulates Jamie’s style.

   As of July 1st, 2014 Jamie released his debut album titled “Voodoo Lake” featuring a collection of original songs all written by Jamie. The tunes capture his style of ripping guitars, solid vocals and memorable songs. Songs that beg you to sing along.Currently Jamie is writing new songs for a follow up album that he plans to release early next year.

  Jamie’s guitar path started at the age of fifteen. He was driven into his bedroom by an abusive step parent. This left Jamie with little options for a normal childhood. Luckily his mother owned an acoustic guitar and she allowed Jamie to play it. Being alone for many hours left Jamie with having to find a way to occupy his time. He found a way by studying his mothers old guitar books. Once Jamie learned his first chord. That was all it took! Jamie was hooked and spent countless hours occupying his time trying to learn to play anything he could. Jamie says “The guitar for me, was a true life saver!” It was through this experience that set Jamie on his life’s path.

   Even though Jamie’s life has had many twist and turns. Including a career in aviation and an enlistment period in the U.S. Army. He never stopped playing the guitar and he never stopped pursuing his dream. In early 2009 Jamie enrolled into the prestigious guitar program at the Atlanta Institute Of Music. He says “it was the best decision for his career that he has ever made”. It opened up his world and took his playing to new heights. Jamie studied hard learning all that he could and was proud to graduate the program with honors in early 2011.

   A year after graduating Jamie formed his current trio, the Jamie Campbell Band and has played hundreds of live shows including some of the largest venues in the Atlanta area. He was proud the first time he ever saw his name on a “Ticket Master Ticket”. It was March 24th, 2012 to perform at the “Rock and Blues Spring Fling” hosted by “Wild Bills” in Atlanta. Jamie said “its something you dream about, but when you see it, you just can’t believe it".

   Starting in August of the same year Jamie began writing for his debut album. Not sure what he was going for musically he wrote a collection of twenty three songs. He then narrowed them down to a final ten that he felt best fit together. It was during this time that “Voodoo Lake” began to take shape. Jamie was proud to independently release his debut album “Voodoo Lake” July 1, 2014. Immediately following the release of “Voodoo Lake” the Xotic effects company based in Van Nuys California partnered with Jamie through an artist endorsement. This was great because Jamie is a fan of their products and used many of them during the recording of the album.

   Look for more from Jamie coming soon and if you get the chance to see Jamie’s live show. Then do it! Jamie’s show is often described as “genuine”, “intense” and “high energy”. You will not go away disappointed.